Developing a relationship with God


“So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.” – Romans 5 vs 11 (NLT)


I think one of my greatest challenges in life has been developing a deeper, meaningful relationship with God. I say this because like a lot of young (and old) Christians out there, I was born into a Christian family. Although this is probably one of my greatest blessings in life, the knowledge of Christ our Lord, it was still a challenge for me to accept Christ as MY Savior and not the Savior of my parents.


I believe that many experiences in my life have lead to a more meaningful relationship with God. One of these experiences was masked as the untimely death of my mother.


My mother was not born into the Christian faith and herself journeyed through self-discovery, developing a relationship with Christ in her later years. One of my most treasured memories of my mother is her teaching me Psalm 23, one of my favorite passages in the Bible.


When my mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 48, she was not afraid, she knew that an eternity of peace awaited her and she was eager to finally be at rest with her God and Savior. Two weeks before she passed away, my mother encountered Christ in a dream, and woke up to remind us that Heaven was real.


Although at the time, her death was extremely painful, I have learned to accept God’s will in life and I’ve matured enough to understand that the dream my mother had was not only for her reassurance, but also to reinforce the existence of God and Heaven in my life.


That was 16 years ago and since then, and through many other experiences, I have come to accept Christ as MY Savior. This has not been without its questions and challenges, though I’ve found in life that one has to question things in order to find an answer, and it has been in these times of questioning that God has made himself ever present to me.


Leandra xx

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